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I'm Chelsea and I like to blog about walking in the woods, having Attention Deficit Disorder, and doing my makeup and eating...I work at a store that specializes in Japanese pop culture and snacks, and have been doing so for about 3 years. I feel after years of nearly everything I like being Japanese or Japanese inspired in some way; that I'm a bit of an expert regarding it's media and current cultures. Of course, that basically means I'm just a huge nerd who knows more than most. I can promise you this blog will be a fairly unique experience, as it is an expression of my love for a little bit of everything out there!


I also draw stuff

I like cute things!!!!! (ps-that's my boyfriend, but before a drastic haircut)

NONE OF THESE PIXELS ARE BY ME, AND IF YOU MADE THEM I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW SO I CAN EITHER CREDIT YOU OR TAKE THEM DOWN!! Please understand while I used to visit many pixel sites, the vast majority of them died over the years. I now go to pixel tumblrs and therefore usually lack a specific source.
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here's my toybox: (From Sayclub, or some site I have linked.)


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