Monday, May 9, 2016

Ways to tackle your Blogging Anxieties.

Blogging anxiety is, by far, my worst enemy at the moment.

And like all anxieties I've had before, it starts off sounding so minor and logical; only to grow into a nearly impossible barrier. After all, who am I in the grand scheme of web logging? There was a lot to move past, and it occurs to me that others may experience it too. After all, how do I know I'm the only one when it's a burden that hinders communication?

So anyway, I wrote down all the advice I felt I could give.

Something I find that helps me overcome blogging anxiety is reading other people's blog posts. The good, the bad, and the ugly all have something to offer and motivate in different ways. If they can write one, why can't I? Sometimes it takes watching the task in action to realize "hey, that's not so bad.". When you see something similar to what your end result will be, you stop thinking of the task as a big black cloud of nervousness and hardship, and see it for what it really is.

I don't know if this is my Attention Deficit Disorder (and the anxieties that come with it) talking, but I never was a fan of methods involving overdone preparation or proofreading regarding any writing or visual art I did. It's not as if I'm simply lazy, but over time I began to realize that knowing the long road of tasks ahead made me much more terrified to go through the tiring process again or to even start a first time. The small, embellishing extras of preparation to make a post began to swell into extra obstacles towards the end goal. I remember the advice I've given to people who ask how to improve their drawing skills before, and it took me a while to realize this situation is no different: Completion is a priority, the fine-tuning will come later as you observe your completed work and let the process become second nature. Many people have said this before, but mistakes and shoddy work are going to happen, and that's okay. That work might even be associated with you forever, and that's okay. Improvement is so much better than being perfect. And really, how you're received after a post is a valuable thing to learn from, which means letting yourself complete something.

On that last note, when you want to get those first words down; stop caring so much. Seriously! Stop trying to reach ultimate zen (whatever that is to you) to get into writing, and just let yourself get started. Maybe you have someone over and you're talking to them while typing your thoughts away. Maybe you've got a phone game you don't want to put down, or you're simply waiting to get home that evening....but if you've noticed those things seem to pile up, and maybe that "when I get a free moment" never seems to happen. As someone who thrives on always juggling my tasks around, I am learning the "one at a time" method just isn't how I'm wired. Maybe this is your style, too. Try having a way to write documents on your phone to use later (I recommend Google docs, Jotterpad, or the blogger app if you use blogger), or at least something you can write on that's always with you (don't forget a pen, too!).

Finally, try to watch yourself. What is it that gives you this anxiety? What is it that brings you back to earth? Take note of that somehow. I think we all get so caught up in copying others' lifestyles that we forget just how unique we are and how important it is to know how to unlock our best selves. After all, isn't that one of the stronger life pursuits? The more we learn about ourselves the better we can grow into even more amazing people. Take note of your habits and how you productive you are during those times, is there a correlation? More importantly, is there some way you can make that positive effect happen whenever you need?

I can't claim to be an expert in productivity; but I think years of my own self working against me has given me experience and perspective that I hope can help everyone who might need it. I'd love to hear any other ideas or feedback you have, and above all I wish you the best of luck!

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