Sunday, May 1, 2016

My top 5 uncommon ADD and ADHD coping assistants.

If you follow any sort of ADD and ADHD information online, eventually you'll realize a lot of the same stuff is said over and over again. And for good reason! Most of it is tried and true ways to handle attention deficit that I, too, recommend. But everyone is a little different, and not everything works the same way for others or is just plain unappealing to some. So, to add some variety to the mix and offer a little something new to try, here's some things I've done that have worked out nicely. I'm no professional, and it goes without saying to always take advice from my blog with a grain of salt. Anyway, let's go on!

-video games
It's true! But maybe not as straightforward as one might think. Many video games are based on a task finishing reward system, which can help you cognitively prepare for finishing tasks in reality. There are many games that help you reduce stress and anxiety by letting you take out anger and other negative feelings out on something that isn't real. Not only that, but everything seems to be clearer cut when you focus on a task and not the extra baggage reality has to offer sometimes. And as for me, I feel like I no longer let myself be set back by irrelevant thoughts and can simply work towards a goal without anxiety. Nothing helps self esteem more than genuine accomplishment and many games help people learn that they really do have the skills to be the hero for themselves! Just remember; time limits may need to be set so you don't get away from all that you need to do.

-assistant app
I was surprised at how much this can really help those struggling with negative feelings or are too scared to start doing things like I am. This app is not only fun to get a cute avatar for, but this is a great tool for anyone who finds they need to "talk through" a task list or problem, and helps stop you from being exhausted from typing too early in the day. The system takes time to learn from you and will work nicely if you need a lot of things done that are organization based, because you don't get into your mail or what have you and get distracted! Getting better over time, this is a great routine to have to cut out remembering others.

This is such a simple but great app in so many ways. While the free version is limited, it is still very usable. This app allows for tracking of your health and mood, letting you see how they correlate and what may be possible factors in time or whatever else that could be changing how you feel. Even more, the app allows for notes to be taken with every mood, which could be used to vent or simply add detail to how things have been for you. There are some added features that help with relaxation, personal goals, and inspiration to keep going. The added features change in accessibility each day on the free version, and are always available on the paid version. 

It seems a little obvious, but with technology and widespread information, meditation is easier than ever for anyone to do! What I love about meditation is that a few minutes of it seem to bring hours of better emotional state. There are many apps that allow free relaxation music and some provide samples of guided meditation. There are also others that give reading material on how to meditate properly for better results. What is even better, is that most of the free meditation sounds apps have timers for those looking to ditch an annoying alarm that might kill your vibe. Having even 10 minutes to meditate a day can really improve a lot for someone with attention deficit, who has a lot of issues with the intensity of their focus and controlling an overstimulated mind.

-physical activity that lets someone be angry
It sounds a little weird, huh? Asking someone to let out the anger when they might not even have any, or just feel kinda silly doing it! Lots of people spend time suppressing anger and frustrations while that tension will simply build inside. It may seem silly at first to do so reasonlessly, but without practice releasing anger entirely, we won't be able to control it or release it with tact. I know I'm prone to acting out on frustration from the way I'm wired, I have things that simply do not work with me, but sadly, I'm not going to get accommodations for that and nor will being a jerk to people make me feel any better. Attention Deficit is a frustrating hand to be dealt, and only those who have it seem to really get it. When you let yourself empty out that reservoir of anger until its bone-dry every day, you let a huge weight off and gain a stronger ability to see reality without negative emotion clouding it up. I suggest both mental and physical ways; finding your punching bag and writing out every angry and hateful thing that you can pull out for even just 10 minutes a day can really help. Even just taking a hammer to the ground outside for your daily psycho moment can get the job done. And of course, physical activity is always good for you! Just remember to stay within your health limits, and if you need to destroy written evidence of anger than go ahead.

So then, what sort of unconventional methods have you done before? Let me know in the comments!

(Top image is from an old snapchat post I made, haha)

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  1. I usually just throw shurikens at whatever frustrates me to relieve stress and anxiety but some of these sound cool too I guess