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30+ tea party ideas to use whenever you want to

Ever wanted to host a tea party, but never had a good reason why? Tea parties are great opportunities to be social, meet new people, and have fun. Not to mention, there's tea and food! When most people have a tea party, they reserve it for a specific event like a birthday party or wedding, but really, a tea party can happen any time or any reason. 
Some of these ideas are made around the idea of a specific community or group gathering and there are some that involve specific dress codes, or some other small requirement in the guest's preparation. However, there are many that do not. Personally, if you're looking for an event idea for a local Lolita fashion community, I think this list can really help out. 

 Over 30 Fun Tea Party Ideas:

  • Sakura tea party

  • Rainbow tea party

  • Fairy or Fae tea party

  • A certain country as the theme as you learn about their customs

  • Flower pressing tea event

  • learning about the different tea plants and ingredients, and how to make your own blends

  • making a perfume together, individually or each their own

  • pen pal and letter making event, where the group could contact a corresponding group in another country

  • create gifts for charity or somesuch together, and maybe even surprise guests with gifts for themselves near the end!

  • have a "second language" tea party, where those who know other languages can teach the guests a little something about the culture or language. maybe make some food or tea appropriate to those cultures mentioned.

  • Have a tea party with a jester theme, and let there be an improv-based activity and other humorous things to go along. great for mardi-gras, so maybe the theme can be mixed with that to allow for cajun food.

  • Have a gratitude theme. everyone has to not just talk about what they're thankful for in others but what they enjoy about themselves. let everyone wear what outfit they love the most and allow them to say why they enjoy it in particular. allow for guests to fill out printed questions to make the discussion into a more structured activity. Play a game where guests have to guess the most treasured moments of other guests, two truths and a lie style.

  • Journal Binding/Bookbinding theme. have each step be a workshop that lets each guest put creative detail into every part of their book. have an expert on the subject lead and help guide guests through the process, and allow for there to be many extra and interesting materials to let everyone express themselves. Before they make anything, allow them to look and flip through examples of handmade books and make sure there are printed instructions for everyone to read back to; not everyone is a visual learner.

  • A theme involving making personal profiles. About the same vein as a meet and greet but more focused with different ways people can be categorized. Make sure to explain that much of these are not meant to be taken as end-all fact or too seriously, but are simply fun and helpful at times. Take quizzes to learn astrology signs, myers-briggs, chinese zodiac signs, learning styles, and even some silly ones from cheesy teenage magazines to keep the mood light. Try to educate about the origins of these quizzes (or maybe just the serious ones) so everyone gets what they mean and why they exist.

  • Board Game theme, but not a typical one. Everyone is assigned a board game beforehand to dress as or have an outfit themed for. At the event, learn about popular board games around the world, board game history, and about really strange board games. maybe use game boards as place mats and have a competition of some sort! Checkerboard style anything is a great idea. maybe even have an ongoing game where the group is divided into two teams, and must earn points in certain ways to have their team win some prize.

  • "Worries" theme. There are many times of the year considered more stressful than others. Many times, we keep our worries inside and to ourselves only to make them hurt us longer. Let this event be welcoming but personal. This doesn't work easily the larger the group or the less they may know each other. Let everyone write and share their worries for the day, week, month, and year. Allow for discussion that doesn't become critical. Tea should be a calming blend and food should be comforting. Let them share what they were usually afraid of and worried about as a child and how they might compare now. Teach or have someone teach about anti-stress techniques and ways to organize and sort thoughts better. let each person write down what they feel they do to create more stress in their life, and other factors that affect their worries. Once they've shared them and talked them through, let them write a personal "pep-talk" for themselves when they stress out, and what they could begin to do as a way to reduce their worries. Together, talk about coping and de-stressing methods to list together. Learn how stress physically effects people and proven food, temperatures, smells, and even healthful habits that can lower stress and its effects. Let everyone come home with information, their personal writings, and any of the consumable (food, drink, lotion, bath, etc) methods you've talked about. Even allow for talk and info papers about places in person, on the phone, or online that others can find help from. If everyone seems open enough with each other to talk about it; let there be a talk or activity that everyone addresses the worries that shape their a way it's creating a "worry profile" that helps guests learn what drives their stress and what might be a factor in unhealthy coping methods. Let this be their central addressing focus for the event and make sure they don't ignore it. This is good with the gratitude theme before or after. Also good for the "personal profile" one, too.

  • Personal Ancestry theme. Let everyone research their bloodline and heritage, and allow them to present it to everyone else in turn. Let them teach about the culture, family customs, or even just personal stories from childhood. If the ancestry is unknown, let the person talk about their personal journey or a parent's, and the culture they feel most tied to.

  • "How I am me" Theme. Speaking of personal stories, this theme is about sharing one's personal timeline. Because of the personal nature, make sure everyone is comfortable with doing so and maybe going into detail. Allow them to say if they can't remember or are unsure, and discourage others challenging that. While everyone shares a moment of their life together, let it all go in order, where everyone addresses a certain life stage before the next activity of going to the other one. Let them speak of regrets, best memories, accomplishments, worthwhile risks, and anything they might have learned about themselves or life. Allow everyone to appreciate how far they've come and their hopes and goals for the future. This might be a great time to let older members talk about certain things younger members might not know about, from before their time or not their time to do yet; they could even give advice on what it means to be an adult of such an age and how to handle it all with ease. Learning from others, getting to know each other, and getting to know yourself are the key goals.

  • Woodland/Ghibli Theme. It's kind the same thing, really. But I guess Woodland encompasses more.

  • Local Flavor theme. With local tea blends or inspired flavors, have the food as locally sourced as possible. Educate others on relevant locations, shops, and events nearby and allow others to share their personal knowledge. Learn about the official plants or flowers of the town, the local plant and wildlife, and the local industries that shape their economy. Give people a chance to actually see the related items in person in some way, such as bringing the plants or flowers, or even letting someone highly involved in a local matter come by to speak. Let local businesses have a chance to be involved if possible. Talk about the demographics of the area and the history, and even some interesting facts or claims to fame the area might have. If you're looking for a deeper discussion; contemplate how the community can be improved and talk about how guests can get involved to help. This one is more information-heavy, so maybe let for a break in that with guessing games or customized games (like bingo or a scavenger hunt) to get some activity and have fun.

  • European fairy tale theme

  • Asian lore and fairy tale theme

  • Diy or craft theme

  • Bring your own tea cup theme

  • A secret santa where someone else brings you a cup and saucer and you bring some for another person to take home

  • A mystery-solving tea party. Let an overreaching mystery or riddle have clues all over the party areas, to be found over the course of the event. Learn about how to catch liars and how to avoid scams, unsolved mysteries of the world, and involve any mystery-solving games. Question marks are a good motif for this, along with silhouettes. At the end of the event, let those who guessed the overreaching mystery receive a prize.

  • An unconventional timing theme, where the time could be at night for tea or at some other strange but enjoyable time for everyone.

  • A gardening party where the cups are planted into after use with a plant of their choice, and once all grown everyone will have another party to see what grew and take the plant home

  • A tarot and/or general scrying tea gathering, with snacks and tea while experts practice their craft and teach others about their work, including take home papers of information that could have been told to them

  • D&D&Tea. Honestly! Tea while rolling for characters and learning information for a game together, and even just learning about the game and watching demos while being able to jot down notes and take home gifts of dice, a treat, and some informational packs. Why not make a usual situation fancy and delicious?

  • Tea and journaling theme, where there are experts to give advice and guidance, while demos and available materials make the experience a hands-on workshop experience that guests can take home with them.

Have any interesting tea party ideas? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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