Thursday, March 6, 2014

Recent coords+some misc photos

Lately I've finally been collaging my outfits into posts for my Coordisnap account (my username is Jewel on there). It's lots of fun! More incentive to dress nicer every day!

This winter is so in and out. One day we're snowed in, the other day it's melting, and then another day we're told it's nice enough outside to forget our coats. It's so hard to work with...

The other day my friend saved me from imminent doom by jump starting my car in our school parking lot. I was really lucky he helped out!! 

I have no more valentines candy left....i guess it had to go away sometime, right? I'll just wait for more yummy stuff from chris to eat in the future.

Today I found a lot of REALLY OLD shojo manga in my attic. It was really nostalgic to read a Shojo Beat again, I wish it would come back.

I had way more pasta than I could eat today, but wow was it EVER good.

And I guess that's it! Next week is my super early spring break, and this weekend I'll be going to a birthday party and a local gem and mineral show. I'll try to take some nice pictures!

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