Thursday, February 27, 2014

Romance: the post

This post is all about romantic things. Hold onto the steering wheel. 

Well, this is actually just what I ate with my parents when we went somewhere fancy for their anniversary supper. Ever like, wish you could re-live a meal again? 

For Valentine's day I painted a heart with a red and blue side. To put it mildly, Sollux Captor is my boyfriend's style of things. So, why not just make something to hold all the sour candy he was getting to fit that?

And it's pretty simple finished, but I don't think much else was needed. He and I were only going to get chinese food and watch Housu, after all. It was an awesome Valentine's day. 

(The first image is by Bread, whom my boyfriend had commissioned as a Christmas present to me, it's now a poster on my door!)

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