Thursday, February 27, 2014

2013 wrap-up (finally!)

2013 was a weird year. I think it's time I just leave it behind me, but I think this post will be my final goodbye. It's 2014 and I've already had my birthday and turned 21, I'm ready for a new year and new things! Anyway, let me just pull out the highlights. 

Halloween was my favorite, without a doubt. My boyfriend's mom has access to a really nice clubhouse to rent out, and he got some friends and I together to watch movies, eat too much food, and stuff like that. Of course, wearing weird costumes in public is the best part of Halloween to me. Though, having a great person become my boyfriend on that day was pretty cool too. As you might guess, the two of us sorta live for Halloween, it's all the stuff we enjoy doing in one holiday. (or if you're us; its a whole season)

I was a Ghostbuster! 

As fall was in full force, my friend Madison and I explored a very large graveyard in Warrensburg. The whole place was lovely.

Christmastime is usually a big deal with my mom. She decorates a huge amount and as a spoiled only child, I get TONS of gifts.

At some point during fall break, my friends and I got together to explore an abandoned house.

Then we went to Union Station!

hooray for a legally drunk new year!

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