Monday, April 1, 2013

Lola from 2 Pixel

Hello! This is my first and probably not only post regarding a creative person I admire. I like to jump around a lot on the internet, and I come across some really interesting and talented people sometimes. Lola is one of those people for sure. Her pixel website, 2 PIXEL, is not only great in it's layout but quality in the content. It's a shame that she seems to not be up to date with it anymore. At least it's still here! Here's some facts:

NAME: Lola Palacios

JOB: Freelance Artist (this could have easily changed over time.)
SEX: Female
BIRTHDAY:  27th of June, 1976
FROM: Spain
LANGUAGE: Spanish & a little bit of English

2 PIXEL has mostly complete dolls (of her own base design) and Kao Ani emotes. Obviously this work is for herself and I think that's great (maybe because we have the same taste?). She has made many dolls from Mahou Shojo series', as well as Ragnarok online. But I was surprised to see a Jem doll too! All of her work is detailed and well animated. While she has not true site material, she makes up with inspiring pixel work.

Like many pixel artists, she also enjoys more common forms of art, and happens to be very skilled at that too. Already graduated with a bachelor degree in fine arts, this artists professional approach is very apparent in her comic work. It takes a lot of observance and understanding to recreate the common manga style into something your own, and Lola is absolutely great at it. While her non comic work is awesome too, it takes a lot of formal artistic skill to lay out and make a good comic, and to recreate a certain comic style is even more trouble. However, I think Lola does it well, while making a great website to house it all. Her long list of given jobs makes me hopeful that I could get a job with a similar style! Until then, I'll just make more still lifes...

(all images are from their linked websites and are not by me at all!)

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