Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Naka-Kon pictures and a little something I drew.

So spring break was really great! too bad it's over...

Recently, I went to Naka-Kon, this awesome anime convention in my hometown that'd I've been attending since middle school, and since then it's gotten HUGE. There's always something for me to enjoy every year, no matter how my tastes change.

The artist alley was great.What I can't seem to stop wondering is if I might have a chance to be in it too this year. Whether I do of not, I drew this picture because I was so inspired to draw on my tablet more:

I have a lot of issues with it, but I'm actually sort of okay with the overall design and colors, which is new for me! I wouldn't say it's better than anything I saw at the artist alley, but I don't think it would be out of place in quality, which is encouraging to think! My goal is to have 10 images of around this quality done by the time my summer break starts. If I can do that without trouble and like what I see, then I'll consider being a part of Naka-kon's artist alley for 2014. I'm not wanting to make elaborate work as much as I want to make stylish and eye-catching stuff. After all, how would I ever get your attention? But preparing for something like this isn't easy, fast, or cheap. I would have to make some investments of many kinds, and hope for some assistance from my friends or my b. I might even make an Etsy for those of you who can't come by the con! 

But let's not get too ambitious, haha! 

So how about the con? There was a lot of cool stuff to see, so I got some pictures of that!

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